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Skin Colours

True Winter Skin Colours

Eye Colours

True Winter Eye Colours

Hair Colours

True Winter Hair Colours

TRUE  WINTERs have cold and icy colouring features. Your cool icy skin tone makes contrast with your dark hair colour. You have blue skin undertones which dominates your texture. Your eye colours range between blue to light brown.  
You have dark hair colours, ash brown tones and black colour variations as well as natural grey or white.

Celebrity True Winter
Celebrity True Winter
True Winter Colour Palette


Technically you can create colour combinations by mixing and matching colours in your colour palette. You can combine your accent colours with your basic colours or with your dark or light neutral colours.

True Winter Colour Combination Examples

 True Winter colours are bright, and have blue undertones. Your colour palette stands between Bright and Dark Winter palettes, meaning your colours are darker than Bright Winters but lighter than Dark Winters. They are bright but not as much as Bright Winter colours.

You also have the high contrast in your features, therefore you can wear your colours in high-contrast combinations. Complementary, triadic and tetradic colour combinations would suit you the best. They provide high contrast, because they are at the opposite site or far apart on the colour wheel. They appear brighter and more prominent and create bold and vibrant look.

For triadic and tetratic combinations, its better to use one dominant colour and use the others as accent colours in order to balance your look. You can also pair dark and light colours in order to create contrast. Black and white combination is your best look.


Patters should contain only the true winter colours and have high contrast between them, so they could harmonize with your natural look. Medium to large scale patterns and prints would pop up the bright colours . Avoid faded colours, blended or minimal patterns; use bold, geometric and abstract designs instead. Black and white combinations would look more flattering on you. If you like flower patters, choose the ones with bright colours.

Similar pattern, different shades

Bright colours, medium scale pattern and high contrast. Good example for True Winters

High contrast with true winter colours. Good example for True Winters

Low contrast, faded colours that are not in your colour palette. Not a good example for True Winters.

Other examples of True Winter patterns and prints

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True Winters have the coldest undertones in the winter family, therefore white metals are perfect for their complexion such as silver and white gold. Avoid matte and antique metals. 

Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond and Rubies are good stone alternatives for True Winters.

Our picks for you

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Your skin tone is cool with blue undertones, it appears bright  and clear. Skin color matching, matte and pink based foundations and concealers are best for you.

True Winter Foundation Colours


Your blush colors are pink, rose and cool red tones, avoid orange, warm red and peach tones and also dark colors. 

True Winter Blush Colours


True Winter Lipstick Colours

Your perfect lip colours are blue based pinks and reds

Eye shadows

True Winter Eye Shadow Colours

We recommend  light and medium dark, cool shades from your palette. You can combine matte and slightly shimmery darker colours together for some occasions.


True Winter Eyeliner Colours

You have option to choose different colour eyeliners as long as they have cool and similar tone with your eye colour.  For mascara, we recommend you to use black tones.

Nail Polish

Your make-up colors are taken from your fashion colour palette. Cosmetic companies have their own colour names for their products. You may not be able to find the exact names in the market when you are shopping for make-up products, but this colour palette will guide you to find your best colours that would match your complexion, you can try to search for similar colours as possible.

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