True Spring Type
True Spring Type
True Spring Type
True Spring Type
True Spring Colours


TRUE SPRINGs have warm golden and yellow undertones. The overall appearance is fresh, clear and bright. There is no cool quality or softness in your features.


There is MEDIUM CONTRAST between your skin, eyes and hair. All colours in your features are blended to each other, but your skin appears lighter than your hair and eyes which creates medium contrast. 


You skin has warm golden and honey undertones. It ranges from fair to medium. You may have freckles. According to metal test, Gold flatters you more than Silver. 

Warm Skin Tones
Warm Skin Tones
Warm Skin Tones
Warm Skin Tones
Warm Skin Tones
Warm Skin Tones


You have light colour eyes such as warm blue, green, hazel or light brown tones, they appear bright and clear. For detailed eye pattern analysis click here.

True Spring Eye Colours


Your hair colours range between golden blonde to light golden brown as well as red tones such as strawberry and ginger.

True Spring Hair Colours


Celebrity True Spring
Celebrity True Spring


True  Spring sits between Light Spring and Bright Spring on the seasonal flow chart. True Spring colours are the warmest in Spring family. They are warmer, brighter and darker than Light Springs; also warmer, lighter and less saturated than Bright Springs.

True Spring Comparison

Both True Spring and True Autumns have warm undertones in their features, but True Spring is clear and bright with higher contrast, True Autumn on the other hand is muted and soft with lower level of  contrast.

True Autumns have warm, rich, golden, earthy undertones whereas True Springs have warm, fresh, yellow undertones. Also their colours are darker and less saturated than True Springs vibrant, fresh colours.

Seasonal Colouring Flow Chart
True Spring vs True Autumn
True Spring Colour Palette


Technically you can create colour combinations by mixing and matching colours in your colour palette. You can combine your accent colours with your basic colours or with your dark or light neutral colours.

True Spring Colour Combination Examples

True Spring colours are bright, light, warm and have clear yellow undertones

You have the medium contrast in your features, therefore you can wear your colours in medium-contrast combinations. You can wear many colours as you want without looking overwhelmed.

All type of combinations other than Monochromatic combinations will suit you. They provide medium to high contrast, because they are at the opposite side (such as blue and coral) or far apart on the colour wheel (such as orange and green) . They appear brighter and more prominent and create alive and vibrant look.  For triadic and tetradic combinations, its better to use one dominant colour and use the others as accent colours in order to balance your look. 

You can also pair dark and light colours in order to create contrast. Opt to pair dark neutrals with light accent or light neutrals with dark accent colours. Avoid using more than one neutral in your combinations. Ture black and white are not in your colour palette because they have cool undertones. You can use different shades of brown and beige tones in your combinations.


Patters should contain only the true spring colours and have medium contrast between them, so they could harmonize with your natural look. Medium to small scale, busy, dotty,  loosely arranged patterns and prints with round shapes and natural elements such as flowers, birds, butterflies would look perfect on you.  Avoid big scale, square or other geometric and too dense patterns.

Similar pattern, different shades

Bright, Medium Contrast, Medium Scale, Loosely arranged, OK

Medium contrast, Medium Scale, OK

High Contrast, too Dark, NO

Other examples of True Spring patterns and prints

Please click here for more information about patterns and prints!


Best metals for True Spring is light and shiny yellow gold. 

Yellow and warm green shiny stones such as Peridot,  Sphene, Helidor are good stone alternatives for True Springs.

Our picks for you

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Your skin tone is warm with golden undertones, it appears bright,light  and clear. Skin color matching, sheer, natural, light weight and yellow/gold based foundations and concealers are best for you.

True Spring Foundation Colours


Your blush colors are peach based tones with shimmery finishes.

True Spring Blush Colours


True Spring Lipstick Colours

Your perfect lip colours are peachy or warm reds with medium intensity, glossy, shiny with satin finishes.

Eye shadows

True Spring Eye Shadow Colours

We recommend  light and warm shades from your palette. Its better to combine matte creamy and shimmery eye shadows together since you have bright and clear eyes.


True Spring Eyeliner Colours

You have an option to choose many shades of browns and greens as eyeliner in your palette .  Choose the ones with the similar colour of your eyes to bring them out.  For mascara, we recommend you to use brown tones.

Nail Polish

Your make-up colours are taken from your fashion colour palette. Cosmetic companies have their own colour names for their products. You may not be able to find the exact names in the market when you are shopping for make-up products, but this colour palette will guide you to find your best colours that would match your complexion, you can try to search for similar colours as possible.

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