Seasonal Colour analysis Soft Autumn TypeSeasonal Colour analysis Soft Autumn Type

Skin Colours

Soft Autumn Skin Colours

Eye Colours

Soft Autumn Eye Colours

Hair Colours

Soft Autumn Hair Colours

SOFT  AUTUMNs are influenced by the SUMMERs softness, but they have warmer undertones unlike summer. The overall appearance is soft and muted. Your natural colours blend together rather than having a contrast.  Your eyes are warm and light with grayish tones. Your skin has beige and gold undertones. Your hair colour ranges between golden blonde to brown. 

Celebrity Soft Autumn
Celebrity Soft Autumn
Soft Autumn Colour Palette


Technically you can create colour combinations by mixing and matching colours in your colour palette. You can combine your accent colours with your basic colours or with your dark or light neutral colours.

Soft Autumn Colour Combination Examples

 SOFT AUTUMNs have muted and non-saturated colours in their palette, they are not too warm or cold, instead soft and gentle, not too dark or light either. Your colours have yellow undertones, even your blue shades in your palette have warmer undertones. 

Since you have low contrast in your features, we recommend you to choose monochromatic or analogous combinations, which means, combining the different shades of the same colour or combining neighboring colours. You have many option to do these combinations in your colour palette.

Avoid high contrast combinations (complementary, triadic or tetradic) , otherwise you might disappear behind your outfit.
Black and white are not in your palette, since they have cool undertones and create high contrast. Also black is too dark for you. You have different shades of brown, cream and beige instead.


Since your natural look has low contrast, your patterns should reflect the same. Best to choose the same colours in your palette for your patterns and prints. Small to medium scale and light colour patterns such as earthy elements, flowers, wood shapes, leaves would be nice options for your natural look. Avoid too dense, big or sharp shapes and geometric patterns.

Similar patterns, different shades

Low contrast,  soft autumn background colour. This is a good example for Soft Autumns.

High contrast  and too bright, not a good choice for Soft Autumn combinations.

Low contrast, but very dark background, not a good example.

Other examples of Soft Autumn patterns and prints

Please click here for more information about patterns and prints!


Your best metals are silver, pewter, bronze and gold. Prefer matte, antiqued, oxidized and hammered metals instead of shiny ones. 

You can use wood and other natural stones as well. Pearls, some natural gemstones such as Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Tourmaline, these will enhance your natural look.



You have natural warm skin complexion with beige and light golden undertone. Its better for you to choose the similar foundation colour to your skin tone, preferably the ones with satin finishes.  

Soft Autumn Foundation Colours


Blush colours should reflect your natural soft look such as peachy tones and light dusty pinks. They should blend with your skin tone naturally.

Soft Autumn Blush Colours


Soft Autumn Lipstick Colours

There are variety of neutral colour lipsticks in the market, these would fit best with your natural softness. We recommend golden base colours with matte finishes.

Eye shadows

Soft Autumn Eye Shadow Colours

Your soft and muted colour complexion needs to be repeated with your make up colours. Therefore matte eye shadows would be better for you. Avoid bright and too dark colours as well as shimmery finishes.


Soft Autumn Eyeliner Colours

Brown, warm grey and green tones are good options for eye liners, they will look very harmonious with your light colour eyes. You have brown, grey and dark taupe options for mascara.

Nail Polish

Your make-up colours are taken from your fashion color palette. Cosmetic companies have their own colour names for their products. You may not be able to find the exact names in the market when you are shopping for make-up products, but this colour palette will guide you to find your best colours that would match your complexion, you can try to search for similar colours as possible.

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