Natural Fashion Personality


Natural Fashion Personality

Physical Characteristics :  You are short to average in height and have a medium bone structure. Your facial shape is angular such as square, rectangular or polygon. There is more straightness in your face than softness. Your eyes are wide open, straightforward and friendly. Your body size is balanced and your silhouette may be rectangular. Your look is ‘girl | guy next door’ – casual, breezy and friendly. 

Values : You appreciate authenticity, straightforwardness, fairness, ethics, responsibility, human and animal rights, ecology, sustainable living, nature, freedom, intelligence and good deals.

Fashion Style : You like clothing that is free in attitude (and in price). You avoid pantyhose, high-heel pumps, and suits.

You prefer eco-fabrics such as cotton, linen, and hemp, but you may also need to choose stretch fabrics for function. Leather, wool and suede are option to choose. Put outfits together in a way that has flair, fun and freedom.

You give importance to comfort and fit rather than its style. In addition, you choose garments with easy to care and need low maintenance, therefore quality is also important.

 Clothing: Comfort is a priority for you, so you are good in knits, athletic wear, tank tops, yoga pants, leggings, and loose, comfortable tops and skirts, cardigans and denim jackets. You may have lots of jeans, tshirts and sweats in your wardrobe. 

These are simple, loose fit and east to wear outfits that makes you move freely and comfortably. They are also easy to combine and dont need to spend bothering over details.

Accessories: You would choose flats over heels, so you want to make sure they are still elegant and appropriate for the occasion. You prefer short boots, comfy sneakers and trainers. For handbags, you give more importance to function rather than it looks such as hobo bags, tote bags, bucket bags and back packs. You keep your jewelry minimal and uncluttered, although it may be unusual or statement-making with use of natural materials like leather and wood.

Patterns and Prints: Some casual patterns like stripes as well as t-shirt prints  such as character and slogan prints, camouflage designs are common for casual outfits.

Colours: Your colour palette consists soft, earty colours that can be found in nature. Soft blues, browns and khaki, olive tones are on your palette.

Natural Fashion Personality Colour Palette

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