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When worn correctly, jewelry can draw people to look at your best assets and focus away attention from the features you would rather not flaunt. 


Metal Statement Necklace

Choosing the Right Necklace

It is important to find out which length and type of the necklace will compliment your body.

When selecting the correct length for your necklace; you should consider your features like your neck type, your height, your body type and your face shape.

Also some necklaces simply go better with certain necklines while others can totally throw off your appearance.

Long Neck with Collar Necklace

Neck Type
Its better to measure your neck before purchasing any necklace. To measure your neck, take a soft measuring tape and wrap it closely around your neck. Whatever your neck measurement is, add two inches and that’s your minimum necklace length especially for choker necklaces. You can add four inches to find out your comfortable length for a short pendant.

Short length necklaces especially chokers work best for people with long and thin necks. If you have a thicker neck then avoid chokers as they will make your neck appear shorter.

Women below 5’4” look best in 16" to 20" necklace lengths. A long necklace tends to overwhelm a smaller frame. Women who fall between the height of 5’4” to 5’6” can wear necklace of any length. Taller women who are 5’6” or above can wear longer chain style necklaces as they accentuate a tall frame.

Heart Pendant at decollete

Body Type
People's eye will stop at the point where your necklace ends, so your necklace should end the part of your body where you would like to draw attention or visa versa. If you like to accentuate your upper body, you should choose shorter chains such as collar, bib or statement necklaces.

For women with smaller bust should wear a long thin chain or long layered chains. If your busts are fuller, than you should choose shorter necklaces that sits slightly higher on the body, such as an 18- to 22-inch necklace, avoid those that are longer that 24” as they won't sit comfortably.

If your body is smaller on the top (Teardrop Body Shape) , look for bold, chunky necklaces sit above the bust that help broaden your shoulders. Necklaces that are 18”-24” work well as they sit just above your bust and draw attention towards your upper body.

Those that have a Standard body shape can typically wear any type of necklace, although longer necklaces can help elongate your body more.

For Rectangle Body Shape, medium length, fine or chunky necklaces, would draw attention to upward. You can choose fine necklaces such as several long strands or beads as well.

For a Hourglass shape, try a necklace length that sits on your decollete to help accentuate your curves. Choose necklaces that are very short or very long that reach your tummy area. Avoid the wide, chunky ones lie over your chest area.

If you have Triangle body shape that means you have broader shoulders, longer length necklaces will help to bring the eye down to your waist, highlighting the narrow part of your body. Avoid big chunky necklaces that are close to your neck and shoulders.

If you have Oval body shape, short length are recommended. Avoid placing chunky jewelries around your bust area.

Round choker necklace for oval face

Face Shape

A necklace can help you accentuate your strongest facial features. When you choose your jewelry , repeating elements of the facial shape in style details creates harmony.

Women with Round faces should avoid short necklaces or chokers as they will accentuate the roundness of their face.

Oval shaped faces can take advantage of any necklace.

Rectangle or Oblong shape faces should wear shorter necklaces to keep from adding extra length. (such as choker and princess necklaces, measuring between 16” – 18”)

Square face types should also choose shorter necklaces which softens the sharper angles of their face.

Heart shaped, triangular or diamond shape faces look great with chokers or any short length necklace as they create an illusion of fullness and balance out a narrow chin.

Teardrop shaped faces have a small/narrow forehead that widens at the cheek and chin areas. Therefore long necklaces such as opera and matinee lengths are better options.

Collar necklace at v neckline decollete


Its better to choose a necklace that will match the shape of the neckline.

For example, you should pair a V-neck top with a V-shape necklace. Make sure the shape of the necklace you wear mimics the neckline of your top.

Necklace style is important when pairing with the necklines but in general, short necklaces go with deep necklines such as off shoulder, staples, one shoulder, sweetheart, plunging, V and scoop, while long necklaces can be paired with jewel, boat, high, deep V, sabrina and asymmetric necklines. Below you can find a table that shows how to pair each type of necklace with different necklines.

Different names for Different Lengths

Different Lengths of necklaces

Usually, particular types of necklaces already come in particular lengths.

Choker - 12 to 14 inches , sits high and close to the neck

Collar - 12 to 16 inches
, rests directly above the ​collarbone

Princess - 16 to 18 inches , lays between the lower neck and bust line, on or just below the collarbone

Matinee - 20 to 24 inches , sits between the collarbone and the bust

Opera - 28 to 36 inches , wrapped to rest on the bust or an inch or two below

Rope - 36 inches and above, sits below the center of the bust through belly button

Choker Necklace


Close-fitting necklace worn around the neck, typically 12-14 inches in length, made of a variety of materials, including velvet, plastic, beads, leather and metal. Can incorporate other necklace styles by adding a pendant, graduating beads, or festoon-like drops.

Collar Necklace


Lies flat to the body rather than hanging freely, 12 to 16 inches in chain length rests directly above the ​collarbone. Fits around your neck just like a crew neck t-shirt. Made of pearls, beads, gems, gold and silver, can be multiple strands or just a big chunky metal piece.

Choker necklace
Collar necklace
Princess Necklace


16-18 inches in length that lays between the lower neck and bust line, on or just below the collarbone, often decorated with the pendants or focal pieces (such as glistening rhinestones), available in both heavy and light designs. 

Opera Necklace


Lengths varying from 28 to 36 inches worn as single or multiple strands to rest on the bust or an inch or two below. Perfect for dresses or blouses with deep necks, made of pearls and beads and suitable for evening and cocktail attire. 

Princess necklace
Opera length bead necklace
Matinee Necklace


Mid length, between 20 and 24 inches, sits between the collarbone and the bust line. About twice the length of a choker and often embellished with stones or beads. Good for layering, used as a focal point.

Rope Necklace


36 to 40 inches long with several knots, made of metal, thread or rope. Lays below the center of the bust through belly button. Lariats, all-metal long chains, long strands of pearls and other beaded necklaces are all rope necklace length.

Matinee length necklace
Rope length necklace
Necklace Size (inch)Neck TypeHeight Body TypeFace ShapeNeckline
Chain16-22AnyAnyAnyAnyV, Scoop, Strapless, Halter Strap 
Choker12-14LongAnyTeardrop, Hourglass, Rectangle, StandardOval, Rectangle, Heart, TriangleOff Shoulder, One Shoulder, Strapless, Scoop, Sweetheart
Collar12-16Long<5'6"Teardrop, Rectangle, Hourglass, StandardOval, Rectangle, Heart, Square, TriangleBoat, Jewel, Strapless, Off the shoulder
Lariat32-34Any>5'6"Hourglass, Triangle, StandardOval, Round, TeardropDeep U or V, Scoop, Plunging
Festoon14-16LongAnyTeardrop, Rectangle, Hourglass, StandardOval, Rectangle, Heart, Square, TriangleOff Shoulder, Deep V, Strapless
Long Pendant22-26Any>5'6"Rectangle, Hourglass, Triangle, StandardOval, Round, TeardropV, Boat, Strapless, Asymmetric
Locket30-36AnyAnyRectangle, Hourglass, Standard, TriangleOval, Round, TeardropSquare, Scoop, Boat, Jewel
Statement16-18LongAnyTeardrop, Rectangle, Hourglass, StandardOval, Rectangle, Square, Heart, TriangleSweetheart, Scoop, Plunging
Short Pendant16-18Any<5'6"Oval, Rectangle, StandardOval, Heart, TriangleHalter Strap, V, Boat, Spaghetti strap
Graduated16-18AnyAnyTeardrop, Hourglass, Oval, StandardOval, Heart, TriangleJewel, Boat, V, Cowl, Sweetheart
Solitaire16-18AnyAnyRectangle, Hourglass, Oval, StandardOval, Rectangle, Heart, TriangleV, Sweetheart, Off Shoulder, Queen Ann, Strapless, Scoop
Esclavage14-16LongAnyTeardrop, Rectangle, Hourglass, StandardOval, Rectangle, Heart, Square, TriangleOff Shoulder, Strapless, Scoop, Sweetheart, Queen Ann
Riviere14-16LongAnyTeardrop, Hourglass, Oval, StandardOval, Rectangle, Heart, SquareStrapless, V, Sweetheart, Off Shoulder
Princess16-18AnyAnyTeardrop, Hourglass, Oval, StandardOval, Rectangle, Heart, Square, TriangleBoat, Strapless, V, Plunging
Opera28-36Any>5'6"Hourglass, Triangle, StandardOval, Round, TeardropTurtle, Scoop, High, Asymetric
Multi Strand14-20AnyAnyRectangle, Hourglass, StandardOval, Round, Heart, Triangle, TeardropStrapless, Scoop, Off Shoulder, Boat, Turtle
Thread14-18AnyAnyTeardrop, Rectangle, Hourglass, StandardOval, Heart, Square, Rectangle, TriangleJewel, Boat
Bib12-18LongAnyTeardrop, Rectangle, Hourglass, StandardOval, Rectangle, Heart, Square, TriangleOff Shoulder, Sweetheart, Deep V, Boat, Asymetric
Matinee20-24Any>5'6"Rectangle, Hourglass, StandardOval, Round, Square, TeardropShirt Collar, Turtle, Jewel, Plunging
Rosary / Y Shape20-34AnyAnyRectangle, Hourglass, Triangle, StandardOval, Round, TeardropV, Plunging
Plastron18-22LongAnyTeardrop, Rectangle, Hourglass, StandardOval, Rectangle, Square, Heart, TriangleBoat, Jewel, Strapless, Asymmetric
Twisted14-18Long<5'6"Teardrop, Rectangle, Teardrop, StandardOval, Heart,Jewel, Halter, Sweetheart
Rope36-40Any>5'6"Hourglass, Triangle, StandardOval, Round, TeardropBoat, Jewel, Sabrina, High
Charm20-24AnyAnyRectangle, Hourglass, StandardOval, Round, Square, TeardropScoop, V, Strapless
Beaded14-18AnyAnyTeardrop, Rectangle, Hourglass, StandardOval, HeartJewel, Halter, Sweetheart 
Station18-20AnyAnyRectangle, Hourglass, StandardOval, Round, Square, TeardropBoat, Jewel, Sabrina, High
Bohemian14-18LongAnyTeardrop, Rectangle, StandardOval, Rectangle, Heart, Square, TriangleQueen Ann, Halter Strap, Asymmetric
Lavalier14-20AnyAnyRectangle, Hourglass, Oval, StandardOval, Round, TeardropV, Asymmetric
Torque12-16LongAnyTeardrop, Hourglass, Rectangle, StandardOval, Triangle, SquareV, Plunging, Strapless, Sweetheart
Sautoir30-36Long>5'6"Hourglass, Triangle, StandardOval, Round, TeardropOff Shoulder, Scoop, V, Strapless
Negligee18-20AnyAnyTeardrop, Rectangle, Hourglass, StandardOval, Heart, TriangleSweetheart, Off Shoulder, Deep V
Choker bean necklace
Collar necklace
Festoon necklace
Statement necklace

Types of Necklaces

Esclavage Necklace


Composed of three chains or strings of beads or jewels in which the chains or strings hang approximately equidistant from each other

Riviera Necklace


Comprised one or two rows of of precious small gemstone links which are typically tapered in size, mostly diamonds set in 12-16 inch length white or yellow gold chain. The design is intended to emphasize the stones, links of the necklace are close together and not visible

Statement Necklace


Bold, intentionally large pieces with bulky pendants and ornate details. Can be paired up with simple garments to serve as the focal point. Usually made  of silver, gold, rubies, stones and beads

Short Pendant

Short Pendant

Has a single focal piece in the front attached by a small loop to a necklace that is typically 16-18 inches in length

Graduated Necklace


A single-strand necklace made of beads, pearls and metal that have a variation in size. The beads gradually get smaller as they go back and larger as they hang around your neck

Solitarie Necklace


Necklace with a single diamond or gemstone set into a charm

Chain Necklace


Made of gold or silver loops linked together to create a chain. Creates simple yet sophisticated look. Made of silver, gold, platinum or rose gold

Lariat Necklace


Long variation on the rope, without a clasp, often worn draped multiple times around the neck; the ends can be crossed over, looped or knotted in various ways. Safe and an elegant choice for many outfits

Multi strand pearl necklace
Statement necklace
Short pendant
Torsade necklace
Multi Strand Necklace

Multi Strand

Multi-stringed beads or chains with same closing

Thread Necklace


Casual style come in a variety of lengths, ranging from 14 inches to 20 inches, made of colourful threads tied in knots and mostly paired with oxidised silver pendants, large beads, wood or metal

Bib Necklace


Necklace style that mimics a baby's bib, with a thick, broad section covers the chest and a thin cord going around the back of the neck. Comes in a variety of different layered chains or a single large element to cover up the breastbone

Twisted Necklace


Commonly made of beads with multiple strands that are often twisted around held
together with a clasp. Comes in a variety of lengths and might have a charm dangling in the front

Rosary, Y Shaped Necklace

Rosary / Y Shaped

Y shaped necklace similar to Lariat necklace and has a chain ends with a charm

Plastron Necklace


Heavy and worn close to the neck, covers the whole chest part of a body, can be both rigid and flexible, add intrigue and extravagance to any outfit you wear. Made up of silver, glass, wood or beads, ideal for solid colored tops

Charm Necklace


Necklaces with multiple decorative pendants, beads, stones or trinkets depending on your mood and preferences

Beaded Necklace


Made of plastic, acrylic, metal, wood, gems or crystals. Comes in various sizes, with the smallest ones called seed beads

Station Necklace


Metal chain necklaces embellished with gemstones, shaped metal pieces and other adornments placed at specific points (stations) on the chain

Bohemian Tassel Necklace


Many types of colourful tassel or rope necklaces combined with beads and chains create a bohemian look, much in trend amongst the boho-chic fashionistas

Multi strand pearl necklace
Statement necklace
Short pendant
Torsade necklace
Festoon Necklace


Its a vintage style made of a wreath or garland of woven flowers, leaves, ribbons and branches, delicate chains are often paired with gemstones, pearls, and precious metals.

Long Pendant

Long Pendant

Has a single focal piece in the front attached by a small loop to a necklace that is typically 22-24 inches in length. Its versatile and can be personalized.

Locket Necklace


A pendant that opens to reveal a space used for storing a photo or momento,  come in many shapes such as ovals, hearts and circles often paired with an opera length chain and. They are very sentimental and personal, usually made of precious metals such as gold or silver

Religious Necklace


Feature a pendant or charm with a religious symbol like a cross, rosary, Star of David, crucifix and more. These necklaces can vary greatly in length, clasp style, and materials

Lavalier Necklace


Consist of a slender chain with a small pendant that has decorative stones or elements hanging from it. 14-18 inch (16 inch in general) length sits right below the collarbone. Its chandelier type drop which looks beautiful when paired up with a deep-cut silhouette

Torque Necklace


Unique kind of solid necklace open in the back and comes to a point at the front. In some cases, they have a front opening but no clasp. Made of metal and is worn close to the skin and usually has a spherical shape

Sautoir Necklace


A sautoir is a French term for a long necklace that suspends a tassel or other ornament. Woven or twisted ropes of pearls suspending a tassel were very popular but progressed toward geometric diamond and gem-set variations

Negligee Necklace


A long necklace that usually two parallel links terminate in irregular length with tassels or drops. Popular during the Edwardian era

Types of Chains

There are so many different type of necklace chains: some chains that can handle a heavy pendant, some of them look good alone, others for very delicate pendants.

Material is very important when you are choosing your chain, some materials can be allergic to your skin or some are not very durable. Titanium chains are durable, strong, scratch resistant and not very pricey . Platinum links have the same features but they are very expensive. Gold and silver ones are very common, silver chains require more upkeep as they tarnish, but the gold ones are more delicate, likely to scratch or break, also more expensive. If you have metal allergy, make sure your jewelry is zinc-free. 

Cable Chain


Created from interlocking oval links of the same size. They are sturdy, easy to repair and work well with delicate pendants. Wires can be textured or flattened.

Curb Chain


Made of round or twisted oval links that lay flat when worn. Links sizes can be the same or gradually increase. They are chunky and sturdy enough to handle heavy pendants and can be worn on its own.

Rolo Chain


Identical to the cable chain, but features round links instead of the oval links found in cable chains.

Byzantine Chain


Made of bent links joined with oval links that  incorporates a rope-like texture. They are supple and flexible and drape well. They should be worn alone not with pendants.

Mariner Chain


Resembles the nautical chains also known as an anchor chain. Comprised of oval links, each of which has a horizontal bar across the center. They can be flat or puffed. Makes a statement when worn alone or support a pendant.

Figaro Chain


Modified version of the curb chain, formed with 2-3 small round links followed by a liner oval link. It is strong but difficult to repair. Works well either alone or with a pendant.

Rope Chain


Named for its twisted links that look like a  rope. They are in sturdiest types but difficult to repair. Great to wear on its own or with pendants as well. More suitable for daily use since rope chains tend to show scratches the least.

Wheat Chain


Named for its appearance similar to the tips of wheat stalks. Made of twisted oval links plaited together in one direction looks like a series of metallic fibers running into each other at their points, creating a beautiful textural appearance. They are very durable and sturdy and can be worn with pendants or as is.

Bead Chain

Pop corn

A lightweight, tubular chain with a beaded texture created by convex links. They have a puffed look which resembles a garland of popcorn.

Ball Chain


Made from ball-shaped steel links connected with small breaks between them. Beads come in different diameters (2-6 mm). They are weak and difficult to repair. Generally used for dog tags and key chains.

Omega Chain


Notably shiny chain formed by flat metal plates crimped together over a mesh interior. Has a semi-rigid structure, which gives it a flat and smooth, unique look. Perfect to wear as is or to wear with a slide pendant.

Box Chain


Composed of square links arranged side-by-side to create a smooth, 4-sided shape. They are one of the sturdiest types and work well with heavy pendants.  Found in a variety of widths, with the wider ones being popular among men.

Herringbone Chain


It is a flat and fluid chain, formed from pressing v-shaped links, which are arranged in alternating directions.  Has a smooth, round look, it is flexible and lays well on the skin.

Snake Chain


Comprised of tightly linked wavy plates, . resulting in a smooth, round look with a subtle zigzag pattern, resembles of a snake body. It is flexible, sturdy and  easy to maintain. It lays well on the skin , works with heavy pendants and dont tangle easily because of its semi-rigid structure, a good choice for an everyday accessory.

Singapore Chain


Durable and strong chain that made of a series of interlinked segments. When stretched out, it is a beautiful and twisting open chain, that moves with almost a liquid touch. It is a classic, sleek chain that pairs well with a beautiful pendant.

Heart Chain


Comprised of metal panels, each crossing over the next, forming a textural and glittery twisted look. Can be worn with pendants or as is.


Different types of rings

Which ring is for better for your hand&finger shape?

Rings enhance your beauty while adding to your personality. Therefore, the ability to choose the right ring according to your shape of the hand and fingers is important. 

If you have long fingers, use round and square shapes, wider bands, bold styles, try to avoid rings with elongated shapes such as oval or drop shapes. Princess, cushion and round-cut diamonds set onto a thicker band are particularly flattering on longer fingers.

if you have shorter fingers than choose large rings with a stone or a pattern of an elongated shape (oval, pear, marquise). Do not pick asymmetrical, rectangular or triangular rings as they make your fingers appear smaller, avoid wide rings that completely cover the area between the joints, choose slender, narrow-width bands to create the illusion of length.

If you have wide fingers, narrow stones will make your fingers look even wider, go for wide oval, marquise, rectangular or emerald shape , angular or asymmetrical designs, cluster styles, larger settings with medium to thick bands.

If you have narrow/slender fingers, use wide rings with smaller stones or rings with thick band rings and no pebbles. The wide ring visually increases the width of the finger.  If your fingers are short but slender you could look for a narrow marquise- or pear-cut diamond to elongate as well as widen the finger.

If your hands are rather plump or big, irregular shapes such as zigzags and elongated shapes will create thinner appearance while rings with a round stone emphasize the plumpness. Try large, chunky styles, cocktail rings, larger stones in a bezel setting, avoid thin bands.

If your hands are small,  choose small round, princess-cut, oval or heart-shaped stones with small sizes. Keep the stone in proportion to your hands.

If your hands have visible joints, try thicker/heavier bands with large stones to divert the attention of your knuckles, avoid too thin and small rings as they get lost on your fingers and emphasize them more.

Birthstone ring
Statement ring
Antique ring
Statement ring

Types of Rings

Band Ring


Simple ring uniform in width without a top

Statement Ring


Has an over-sized stone in the center, may be surrounded by other stones or motifs

Triple, Puzzle Ring

Triple / Puzzle

Ring formed by three band rings that intersect with each other

Claddagh Ring


A traditional Irish / Celtic ring design featuring two hands holding a crowned heart. The hands represent friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown represents loyalty

Antique Ring


A collectible ring that is valuable because of its age and quality

Birthstone Ring


A slender ring featuring precious or semi-precious gemstones that are associated with the specific month of a person’s birth

Cluster Ring


Multiple diamonds or gemstones of various sizes fashioned together in one setting, or a ring containing a central, main gemstone with numerous smaller stones accenting it

Cocktail Ring


Large, dramatic ring that rises considerably off the finger, set with many large, colored imitation gems and smaller faux diamonds

Beaded Ring


They are made by weaving beads onto threads or wires, the designs are various from simple to elaborate

Nugget Ring


A raw chunk of precious metal, usually yellow gold, constitutes a rough, rocky texture on the surface of a gold band

Spinner Ring


A ring with two or more bands, one comprises the base and the others acts as a spinning insert. It may be decorated with an intricate pattern or feature engravings

Stack Ring


Two or more bands that are meant to be worn together on the same finger. They can be identical or set with different stones, and their size may vary as well

Graphic Ring


Personalized, thin, delicate, text-heavy rings

Signet, Seal Ring


An emblematic ring, often bearing a family coat of arms, some of which are fit for use to imprint a wax seal

Thumb Ring


Traditionally it was worn by archers to protect their thumb during rapid firing, also worn as a sign of power

Crossover Ring


Combination of different band rings with same size but different materials crossing each other

Wrap Ring


Metal ring that spirals up your finger

Disconnected Ring


Rings have two open ends at the front

Bypass Ring


A ring that coils around the finger with the ends of the band passing each other on top

Glass Ring


Rings made of rainbow colors and variety of designs by glass craftsmanship

Chain Ring


Very thin/small that you can barely tell it’s made up of a chain

Mood Ring


A novelty ring which changes colour in response to body temperature, using a thermo chromic liquid crystal

Solitaire Ring


Large or small single stone, usually a diamond, set in a mount of yellow/white gold or platinum

Charm  Ring


Ring with charm applied on top

College,Class,Graduation  Ring


Worn by college or university students to commemorate their graduation

Dome Ring


Made from a spoon, was used as wedding ring by servants who could not afford the jewelry

Types of ring settings

Types of Settings

Prong  Ring Setting


Use of four or six metal metal projections or tines, called prongs, to secure a gemstone to a piece of jewelry. A common setting for diamond engagement rings, that allows light to strike a gemstone from more angles, increasing its brilliance.

Bezel Ring Setting


Surround the stone with a band of metal, fully or partially. Settings where only part of the stone’s outer edge is held by a metal band are referred to as partial bezel settings.

Channel Ring Setting


As the name suggests, hold stones in a channel made in the ring’s band. They are popular for wedding bands and stackable rings that feature smaller stones without a center stone.

Invisible Ring Setting


Hold the stone in a metal framework that is underneath the stone and is not visible from the top of the ring. Its a difficult setting type which creates the illusion of larger diamonds.

Station,Flush Ring Setting


Gemstones into a drilled hole in the band of the ring at specific points as in stations.

Tension  Ring Setting


A ring in which the gemstone is held in place by pressure, suspended between the two sides of the shank. They reflect more light, offering more brilliance and sparkle.

Pave Ring Setting


A setting that consists of a lot of small gemstones attached to the jewelry by droplets of metal. The surface looks like it has been paved with diamonds or other stones.

Cathedral Ring Setting


Gemstone or diamond held by metal arching prongs that go up to its girdle, this adds extra height and make the center stone appear larger. These prongs often resemble the graceful arches of the traditional European cathedrals. 

Baguette Ring Setting


Channel-set rings where the stones inside are all set in a row, with no brackets in between.

Halo Ring Setting


A ring featuring a central diamond or gemstone framed by many smaller diamonds or gemstones. If the center and accent stones are two different colors, it draws more focus towards the center stone  and makes it look larger.

Basic Cuts

Round diamond cut


Pear diamond cut


Oval diamond cut


Cushion diamond cut


Marquise diamond cut


Princess diamond cut


Emerald diamond cut


Asscher diamond cut


Heart diamond cut


Radiant diamond cut


Symbols of Rings

Wedding Band

Wedding Band

The complete circle of the band symbolizes everlasting love, made of white/yellow gold or platinum. Usually worn on the fourth finger on your left hand.

Promise Ring


A sign of commitment between two people, also called pre-engagement rings.  They are often viewed as more of a fashion piece while engagement rings have more classic styles.

Anniversary Band

Anniversary Band

A ring where diamonds or gemstones are set 1/3 or 1/2 of the way around the perimeter of the band. The stones are usually set in a channel or a prong setting. 

Eternity/Infinity Ring


A symbol of eternal love uniform in width and set with continuous rows of identically cut gemstones or diamonds. Usually given by a spouse to their wife on the occasion of a significant anniversary.

Engagement Ring


A ring traditionally given to a woman by her fiancee as a symbol of his commitment to marry, usually set of diamond and/or gemstones. Generally worn on the fourth finger of your left hand during the engagement. After getting married, you should place it on top of your wedding band.

Triology Ring


A cluster of three stones set along the hoop where the center stone is often larger, or set higher than the two other stones which are identical. The three stones symbolize the past, present (center stone) and future. 

How can you stack your rings?

How to stack rings
How to stack rings
How to stack rings

It's a simple trend that can elevate your outfit , also fun and a great way to express your individuality, style and personality. There are a few ways to accomplish this look without going overboard:

* Start with stacking thin, delicate rings to keep the stack from being too busy 
* Use the metals colors that flatters your skin tone
*Pair signature rings with simple bands to balance out the look so as not to distract from the focal point
*Start stacking on one finger (for example index finger) , it  is a great way to keep your look simple
*Keep the stones all in one color or similar tones but different cuts to make your look cohesive 
*Keeping your metals all in the same color family can unify and pull together your look, avoid mixing brushed and shinier metals
*Matching rings of varying textures and widths can create a dynamic look
*Use one large statement ring and add other rings in complementary colors and motifs.
*Wear larger gaudy rings on the index finger or thumb and thinner bands on to your middle finger like wishbone rings
*Wearing same or similar rings in different metals creates elegant look, put together your own mixture of silver, gold and rose gold, if you’re working across several fingers, either keep the stacks in the same order each time or flip the order.
*Match the graphics, but not in a matchy-matchy kind of way, go for a range of sizes and shapes
*Silver rings in all different shapes make for a boho-inspired look, combine delicate styles with chunkier pieces
*You may match your nail polish to your stackable rings


Tassel earrings

How to choose your Earrings

Earring shapes, styles and closures are considerable factors, also learning how they pair with your facial features is beneficial.

The metal&gem : First consider metal and gem choices according to your personal colouring. If you have warm undertones in your skin, this means yellow/rose gold and copper look good on you. But if you have blue or pink undertones, then silver and white gold is better for you. Pay attention to the metals of your other jewelry and how they match your types of earrings. If you are wearing statement earrings, don’t wear statement necklaces.

Bone structure : If you have a fine bone structure, go for earrings that are thin and delicate. If you have a medium bone structure, medium-sized and medium-weight earrings will look good on you. But if your bone structure is large , then you can choose medium to heavy and chunky earrings.

Hair style : With short hair, you can practically wear any type of earrings and look fabulous. Jackets, ear cuffs, crawlers, hoops create casual look while chandelier earrings create eye-catching appearance. The best types of earrings for long hair are the linear drop earrings and large hoops. For an elegant or relaxed updo, teardrop, dangling or chandelier style look best. If you like to wear braids or ponytail, try clusters, huggies, dangling earrings or hoops. If you are wearing your hair half up, you can choose a delicate pair of stud earrings.

Short hair hoop earrings
Short hair hoop earrings
Hair updo dangling earrings
Relaxed hair updo chandelier earrings

Neckline: The neckline is important not only for your necklaces but also for many types of earrings. Tassel earrings, for example, will not look great with turtlenecks, while hoops will clash with a sweetheart neckline. Instead you should choose statement drop earrings with round edges perfectly complement your sweetheart neckline

Strapless necklines ask for big, bold statement earrings of any kind especially hoops, and tassels offer a cool complement to your straight neckline. 

For Boat necklines, addition to classic studs or small drop earrings, choose a pair of earrings that drops well below your jawline for more elegant look.

V Neck is pretty universal, but it is best to go chunky such as statement studs and dangling earrings. 

For Asymmetric necklines, crawlers, classic studs work best.

Halter necks go with chunky earrings since they create a balance with your chest and ears. 

Crew/Jewel necklines calls for drop earrings to provide some excitement .

High neck/turtle neck/collars look best with neat accessories, such as studs, crawlers or drop earrings.

Off the shoulder is so trendy and looks best with a pair of earrings that will draw attention to your jawline such as hoops and dangling styles.

Jewel neck dangling pearl earrings
High neck statement earrings
Boat neck dangling earrings

Clothing/ Occasion : It is very important that your earrings’ elegance match with your outfits'. The general rule is that the earrings need to reflect the fabric type, precious fabric, precious and elegant earrings and vice versa.

The size of your earrings can serve a range of purposes. It has the potential to make a statement or refined look. Big and bold earrings are eye-catching but if you’re going to your office, go for a simple stud earrings or huggies.

Face Shape : The shape of different types of earrings can influence the way your face looks. In fact, earrings can make it seem as your face is wider, thinner, longer or larger.

Round-Shaped Face's features are spaced equally and you can offset the uniform length with a shapely earrings. Stud earrings, drop earrings, long dangling earrings  or pointing chandeliers also look lovely next to their prominent cheeks. It is very important to avoid hoops, button studs, and large circular earrings which will only emphasize the shape of your face.

Square face shapes carry a sharp jaw line and corners in the forehead. Huggies, studs and smaller round edged earrings let your natural beauty stand out. Avoid square studs that have sharp corners and reinforce squareness.

Oval-Shaped Faces have the most versatile options. Your features are fairly even, and with the right earrings, you can create further dimension. This type of face can allow you to wear almost any type of earrings. Stud earrings, moderate length or geometric drop earrings, hoops are good options to emphasize the middle section of your face.

Heart shaped and triangle shaped faces have narrow chin. Drop, dangling, chandelier, teardrop are wider at the bottom, they will fill in the lower part of your face, making it more balanced, reinforce your best qualities and amplify your overall look.

Diamond-Shaped faces have slim forehead and chin, coming to soft points, and many earrings suit this structure. Diamond shapes go well with elongated earrings like drop or dangling ones, curvy shapes.

Teardrop-Shaped faces have wider chin, therefore stud and drop earrings with curved or teardrop shapes are better options for these types.

Rectangle or Oblong Faces are long and slender, clustered earrings, short dangle earrings, hoops and studs can help widen the face. But if you like long dangle earrings, look for styles that have a round shape incorporated into them.

Round face dangling earrings
Oval face tassel earrings
Oval face chandelier earrings

Types of Earrings

Stud earrings


Basic type of pierced earring that a gem or ornament is mounted on the front and held in place by a clutch back on the other side

Hoop earrings


Different size and thickness of circular earrings

Drop earrings


Hang vertically from the ear, single or several pieces together or hoops

Dangle earrings


Hang down vertically to below ear, they are larger, bulkier and free to move back and forth

Cluster earrings


Stud style earrings, have decorative pieces made of number of stones or gems clustered together in a single enchanting composition

Jacket earrings


Modern style that front part is a simple latch or stone to hold the earring in place while the main body sits behind the ear and hangs down

Huggies earrings


Similar to hoops but smaller and sit tight on the ear, encircle the earlobes as fastening way

Chandeliers earrings


Dangle earrings hanging below the ears and resemble a chandelier with multi-layered decorative pieces and an interweaving of multiple precious stones, sometimes with feathers

Tear Drop earrings

Tear Drop

Dangle earrings hang low down from the earlobe and has a stone or decoration shaped like a tear drop

Barbell earrings


A long bar is connected either end by two studs or balls to hold it into place, they stretch from the lobe up to the top of the upper earlobe and require multiple piercings to fit in place

Threader earrings


Simple, long and thin chain threads through the ear and dangles down on both sides

Cuff earrings


Covers the majority of the ear from the earlobe to the top and runs up the edge of the ear

Chain earrings


Has layers of thin chains connected via piercing

Bajoran earrings


Combine several styles into one distinctive look, a thin, decorative chain links a lobe piercing to a cuff clip high on the shell of the ear

C Hoop earrings

C Hoop

Half hoops that forms a J or a C shape when seen from the side

Tassel earrings


Layered, colorful, and free-flowing designs come in an array of materials such as silk, embroidery floss, beads and gold

Crawler earrings


Begin at the base of the ear and climb upwards toward the top of your ear, designed as trailing flowers, golden constellations, or chain of gently curving diamonds

Cartilage earrings


They are made to go into piercings on the cartilage of the ear rather than in the earlobe, come in an array of designs, sizes, and shapes.

Ball earrings


Has two interlocking pieces that are attached on either side of your earlobe

Lobe earrings


With a stud piercing through the lobe and an extended hook around the inner ear, the lobe earring wrap around the ear lobe

Types of Closure

Screw Back Earrings

Screw Back

Screwed onto the lobe, allow for exact adjustment, an alternative for those who find clips too painful.

Magnetic Earrings


Magnetic earrings simulate the look of a (pierced) stud earring by attaching to the earlobe with a magnetic back that hold the earring in place on by magnetic force.

Latch back Earrings

Latch back

A straight latch that goes through the ear and then snaps into a notch on the other side of the earring , most commonly used for hoop earrings and huggies.

Push Back Earrings

Push Back/Stud

Most common backing style, has a small hole that slides onto the post.

Spring back Earrings


The wire or post is inserted into the opposite tube, commonly used for hoop earrings.

French Back Earrings


The ear wire snaps into the opposite fork-shaped part.

Hinged back Earrings

Hinged/Saddle Back

It features a hinged post that snaps onto a groove on the back of the earring, best for hoop and huggie earrings.

Omega Back Earrings


It combines older types of ear clips which are used for un-punctured ears with the lever back fastening and stud closure.

African Fish Hook Earrings

African/Fish Hook

A metal wire which is curved in the shape of a fish hook, long enough not to require any other backing, the hook can sometimes be additionally secured by a silicone friction.

Clip On Earrings

Clip On

Two-part piece attached to the back of an earring, closed around the earlobe, using mechanical pressure to hold the earring in place.

Ear Wire Earrings

Ear Wire

They are comparable to fish hooks but have a longer length. The metal wire that hangs down is typically so long that there's no need for a stopper.

Lever Back Earrings

Lever Back

An extension of the fish hook contain a lever that completes the hook and avoids slippage of the hook from the hole.


Different types of bracelets

How to determine the size of your bracelet?

Bracelet fit is important for comfort and style. To find out your exact bracelet size, use a measuring tape or piece of string to measure the size of your wrist. You should measure just above the wrist bone, and then add 0.8-1 inches (~2cm) to your wrist size to get the correct bracelet size.

To find out your bangle bracelet size, close your fingers together like when you are putting on a bangle, again use o strip or paper to measure around the closed hand at the widest point which  is the circumference of your hand.

The standard bracelet length is 6.5 to 7.5 inches, 7 inches is the most common. Large bracelets are between 7.5 to 9 inches. Bangles usually are 7 inches in length with a 2.5-inch diameter. 

Bead bracelet
Diamond Link Bracelet
Wide hinged bracelet

Bone structure 

The bone structure is the frame of the person and can be divided into three basic types: fine, medium and strong. Visit our Accessory  guide to find out your bone structure.

Fine Bone Structure: Fine, thin, light weight, sheer, flat, delicate bracelets; gemstone, charm, narrow bangle, cable bracelets.

Medium Bone Structure: Medium thickness and length, classic bracelets; medium-sized round beaded bracelets, double-wrapped leather bracelets , cuff and hinged bracelets.

Strong Bone Structure: Strong, thick, heavy weight, chunky bracelets; medium-width bangles, link bracelets. Avoid thin, delicate metal gold chain or silver charm wire bracelets or a narrow open bangles and stretchy ones.

Bead bracelet
Diamond Link Bracelet
Wide hinged bracelet
White leather wrap bracelet and statement rings

Types of Bracelets

Bangle Bracelet


Large, stiff, rigid ring that is worn around the wrist, arm or ankle, usually from metal, wood or plastic, has no clasp, opening and , pendants or other ornaments hanging from them

Cuff Bracelet


Type of inflexible, solid bangle without opening; don’t have clasps or any type of closure, wide cuffs have a bold, confident look



Combination of watch and bracelet

Gemstone Bracelet


Formed by a chain with different types of precious stones

Cage Cuff Bracelet

Cage Cuff

Open, delicate cuff style bracelet, usually use as statement bracelet

Leather Bracelet


Leather or suede, unisex, stylish bracelets that appeal mostly to the youth

Cable Bracelet


Single stainless steel cable formed, bangle style bracelets

Hinged Bracelet


Fixed around the wrist by a spring type clasp that makes it easy to add to your wrist

Crossover Bracelet


Bangle style bracelet made combination of two different elements crossing each other

Stretchy Bracelet


Stretchy, flexible bracelets that wrap around your wrist, made of beads or stones and end without a clasp

Open Bangle Bracelet

Open Bangle

Thin, bangle style bracelets with open ends at the front

Statement Bracelet


Large, mostly brass, oddly shaped , different style bracelets to make a statement

Chain Bracelet


Made of metal loops linked together to create a chain, metal, gold and silver ones have these have value and durability.

Friendship Bracelet


Decorative, colorful, bracelets given between friends to symbolize their friendship, typically made of thread or string and are woven in any number of ways to create the pattern.

Slider Bracelet


Open style clasp through which a ribbon or chain can be passed. The front part of the slide is often very detailed while the rear has one or two bars somewhat like a buckle

Tipped Bracelet


Simple bangle of woven stainless steel bracelets capped with stones, pearls, beads etc.

Link Bracelet


Made by joining or linking a number of comparable constituents or pieces of jewelry by using variety of materials including metal and precious stones

Identification Bracelet


Simple chain bracelet that may have charms or a plate with a name or a message engraved on it

Wrap Bracelet


A bracelet winds around the wrist once, twice, or many times, bead and leather wrap bracelets are very trendy

Affirmation Bracelet


Hold a message for the wearer, typically positive, inspiring words, quotes or messages that serve as a constant reminder to the wearer.

Toggle Clasp Bracelet

Toggle Clasp

These are not of any particular category but need to be mentioned because of the way they terminate, they have a toggle clasp ie a bar and a ring closure

Medical or Magnetic Bracelet

Medical or Magnetic

Magnetic bracelets are used for magnet therapy. Medical ID bracelets show person's special health condition for an emergency situation

Beaded Bracelet


Consists one or several rows of beads, have a bohemian style and are very versatile

Strands Bracelet


Composed of multiple strands connected with a single clasp, the strands may have beads or gemstones embedded in them

Tennis Bracelet


Consists a row of individually set and uniformly sized diamonds or other gemstones, it's classic and sophisticated.

Charm Bracelet


Bracelet with decorative pendants, beads, stones or trinkets depending on your mood and preferences. Some types are already in place when acquired by the owner, rather than a collection of charms gathered over time. 

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