Dramatic Fashion Personality


Dramatic Fashion Personality

Physical Characteristics : You are tall and slim, with straight, angled lines (Ectomorph). Your face has an angular shape, such as a triangle, diamond or rectangle. Your facial features are dramatically angular and striking; long face with possibly sharp, high cheekbones, flat cheeks. Your eyes are slanted, angular and deep. Your eye brows are sharply defined, angular. Your nose is long, pointed. Your mouth is wide, flat and thin. Your hair is plain, severe , extreme style. You are likely to have square shoulders, flat hips, and long, slender legs.  

Values : You appreciate prosperity, wealth, success, independence, personal power, quality, prestige, travel, technology, risk-taking and innovation. 

Fashion Style : You are at your best in fashion-forward designer and benefit from buying high quality. You dress to be noticed and fashion is your way of expressing your dramatic personality.

You follow high fashion and current trends and combine them with your own rules. You prefer unconventional cuts, creative patterns and prints, vibrant colours, bold combinations and different textures. You usually want to make a statement with your outfits.

Clothing: All-black is your staple but you can also combine it with white or a bright.  Your clothes have vibrant, deep, flamboyant, bold and dramatic colors, strong shapes, asymmetric styles.  Straight, angular dramatic lines in crisp tightly woven fabrics are your favorites.

The latest trends, new designs  for shape and cut will make you stand out in a crowd. You're prepared to pay for quality whether it is practical or not because your look is very important for you.

Your tops have bold designs with their shapes, colours and daring prints. Your jackets may have wide shoulders, pumps, wide belts and striking colours and patterns.

You prefer short or extra long structured skirts with patterns and prints, leather or different mixed textures, rich fabrics.  Your pants are either skinny or wide leg/flared with different embellishments, patterns and prints.

Your dresses have ornate texture, striking contrasts in colour, shine and bold cuts.

Accessories: Your accessories mostly make a statement with their unusual shapes and striking colours. Large, bold, architectural jewelry such as bracelet cuffs and bangles, cocktail rings, unusual statement necklaces, large gemstone bead necklaces are some examples. Designer bags, high heels and thigh-high boots are your favorites.

Patterns and Prints: You are best in solids, but you can do animal or reptilian patterns, abstract, bold geometrics or large scale, stylish design features and prints with vibrant colours.

Colours: Black is your favorite colour. You like vibrant colours and bold combinations.

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