Creative Fashion Personality


Creative Fashion Personality

Physical Characteristics : You are short to average and have a fine bone structure. Your body is gently curved, especially in the hips. Your facial shape and features are curved, soft, fine and small. Your eyes are large, round, wide, open, soft and dreamy. Your hair has soft curls, wispy, loose strands, short or long. 

Values : You appreciate self-expression, individuality, imagination, introspective, intuitiveness, creativity, art, mysticism, philosophy, freedom and solitude.

Fashion Style : Creative Fashion suits bohemian and vintage styles. You combine colours and patterns in unexpected ways. You like unique, off-beat, soft, vintage, costume like outfits. Your unconventional, reflective of uniqueness, makes you noticed and appreciated for your creativity. You also like extravagant and wild patterns on exotic textures (gypsy hippy look inspiration) light and muted colours, flowy fabrics with natural materials.

 Clothing:  You choose lightweight, floating fabrics with visual appeal – lace, crushed velvet, chiffon, crochet and fun fur.

Your style lines are soft – full gathered sleeves, peasant shirts, slouchy hats and A-line shapes. You can accessorize abundantly – vests, hats, scarves, bow ties and gloves.

You like details like laces, ribbons, ruffles, bows, gathers, unusual buttons, beading, and embroidery.

Accessories: You like details with your accessories, even your boots have buttons and laces. Your jewelry is filigree and delicate, but you may wear a lot of it – an armful of bangles or multiple fine chains.

Patterns and Prints: Polka-dot, paisley, small florals, retro, vintage, bohemian and tie-dye patterns work best for you.

Colours: Your colour palette consists of mostly neutral colours as well as soft, pastel and dusty tones.

Creative Fashion Personality Colour Palette

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