Classic Fashion Personality


Classic Fashion Personality

Physical Characteristics : You have balanced, regular, symmetrical and well proportioned features. You have average height, medium bone structure and a proportioned silhouette. Your facial shape is oval or close-to-oval, your eyes are clear and  gaze. Your hair is simple, neat, plain and medium length. 

Values : You appreciate good grooming, cleanliness, order, efficiency, organization, attention to detail, punctuality, good manners, good taste, culture, safety, security and control.

Fashion Style : Your look is understated and elegant. It is important that your outfits be beautifully tailored in fine fabrics (cotton, silk, leather etc.) with impeccable fit. Everything you wear is coordinated, neat, and immaculate. With your smart and elegant style, even when you are dressed casually you still look dressed up. 

Clothing: You clothing choice reflects your values which are quality, comfort and stability.

You prefer timeless clothing and accessories over trendy items with elegant styles, simple cuts, straight lines, fine natural fabrics, pastel and neutral colours.

These include tailored trousers, single or double breasted semi fitted blazers, little black dresses, white&blue shirts, pencil skirts and trench coats.

Most of your clothing look like formal rather than casual. For more casual occasions, you can use striped shirt dresses, form fitting sweaters, knitted tops with skinny jeans or straight leg trousers. 

Accessories: Jewelry is always worn and is tasteful, refined and minimal. You are good in pearls and always wear earrings. Classic simple designs, gold or diamond bracelets and necklaces are also in your jewelry collection. High-end designer bags with timeless designs and good quality are your favorites. You prefer classic style medium comfy heel shoes such as court shoes, d'orsays, pumps, kitten heels, ballerina flats  and loafers.

Patterns and Prints: You are best in solids, but you can use some classic patters such as stripes and checks. and small geometric patterns.

Colours: Your colour palette consists different shades of black, brown and navy. You feel comfortable in neutral colours, you focus on cut, fit and quality of garments rather that their colours.

Classic Fashion Personality Colour Palette

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