Aristocratic Fashion Personality



Aristocratic Fashion Personality

Physical Characteristics : You are tall with a strong bone structure and an athletic build. Your facial shape is either long or broad or wide through the wide forehead, cheekbones or square jaw. Your shoulders are broad, but you may be narrow through the hips or buttocks. Your eyes are straightforward and gaze. Your hair is long and casual.

Values : You appreciate education, intelligence, goals, achievements, investments, athleticism, efficiency, good value, quality, tradition, heritage, charitable causes, responsibility and accountability.

Fashion Style : Informality and comfort are combined with your traditional casual elegance. You invest in good quality. 

Clothing:  You appreciate things made by hand. You choose fabrics that are loosely woven and substantial. Knits, flannel, tweed, and corduroy are casual; brocade, velvet, and sequins are dressy.

You choose clothing that is tailored, comfortable, sporty, and practical – you want freedom to move and not be hampered or distracted. Your garments and accessories have highest quality.

Combination of elegance but not at the sacrifice of comfort, simple outfits such as straight leg chinos, khakis, polo t-shirts, button down oxfords, Henley shirts paired with sport jackets, crew neck sweaters, plaid short skirts are hallmark of this style. 

You are good in jackets, collared shirts, sweaters and trousers – make sure everything is long enough to be in proportion to your height.

You can handle details: pockets, buckles, top stitching, etc. Equestrian styles can be a good match. 

Accessories: Your shoes and boots that are flat or with a chunky heel. Since you have strong bone structure and long or rectangular face shape, your jewelry collection consist strong and chunky items. 

Patterns and Prints: Classic patterns, checks and tartans are your favorite choices.

Colours: Your colour palette has more neutral and muted colours and less brights.

Aristocratic Fashion Personality Colour Palette

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