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Our Mission

We all are living a busy life and we do not have enough time to do the things we like. Having a full-time job or being a full-time mom does not leave us enough ‘me time’. Especially, if you are a working mom with a busy schedule during the week and running activities for the kids at the weekends. At the same time, you must look fresh, presentable, and fashionable in your working environment. To achieve that, you probably spend a huge amount of time navigating your favorite online stores, reading comments, following trends, searching for the size and colour, and after all that, you may return them cause they are not your best fit.
What if we offer an online styling service from our experienced stylists who would understand your needs and find solutions according to your lifestyle and physical features? Your stylist will also do the shopping for you and send your curated items to your doorstep or send the direct links for you to shop online so that you could try them in the comfort of your home. This service is so practical and a time saver that you could order it from your office during your lunch break. If you are happy with your personalized shopping experience, you can subscribe to get your outfit recommendations periodically, such as monthly, quarterly, or each season.

Our company aims to take over all the hassle from our customers by finding the best clothing and accessories that they can mix and match for the whole week. With our personal styling service, you will reflect your best with the proper outfits according to your physical features, lifestyle, and preferences, so that way you look more confident, stylish, and feel great.

 Our service is so easy to enroll in, all you need to do is sign up and finish our style survey, make an order then sit back and relax, we will organize everything for you!

Why Personal Styling?

Many of us get stressed out about what we should be wearing. Most people shop online but that is itself a huge thing to navigate. Why wouldn't you want an expert's help? That does not have to be a special occasion, it's for every moment of your life. If you are not able to access personal styling advice either because of your location, your time limit, or the fees involved in hiring a professional image consultant or stylist, no worries, we have brought this online service to make your life easier. You don't have to waste your time looking for your clothing anymore, we will do it for you.

Personal styling is an investment for your wardrobe. Many of us never wear every clothes in our wardrobe; they simply hang untouched in there. We end up repeating the same pieces all the time. When you discover your personal style, you can improve the potential of every outfit you own and keep your wardrobe up to date. If you follow your color palette every time you shop, you can easily mix and match your outfits. That way you don’t need to spend extra money to complete your combinations.

“I started my corporate life after I finished my MBA in the US. I have 15 years of experience in PR, Marketing and Communication area in different industries including fashion. I had to change my carrier path when we first moved to Europe. I have lived in five different countries on three different continents for the last 12 years and almost traveled all around the world. All this time, I had a chance to experience how different cultures implemented fashion trends and was fascinated by them.

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit in me, and fashion is always my priority. I have taken Image Consulting courses and decided to launch my first brand “Mystylebox” in Canada. Our company provides an online styling service and guides you in steering your personal style in the direction you desire. I believe our brand name says everything we offer, it’s personal, it’s stylish and it’s convenient.” Sedef Okman, Founder

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