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The Most Iconic "IT" bags

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Handbags, of course, carry your essentials, but they also serve another purpose. Handbags are the easiest way to incorporate the latest trends into your wardrobe, look together, and show off your personality.

How about the size and the shape?

Knowing the right handbag size for your body type should be the first consideration. No matter how stylish and elegant a bag you carry, it will be unfashionable if it doesn't set off your figure. If you're short and petite, it's best to choose small handbags; if you're tall and slim, you should select large, bulky or over-size bags.

Make sure that your choice of handbag shape is the opposite of your body type. So, if you're slim and tall, you should choose a rounded bag to best match your look. However, a tall and rectangular bag suits you if you have a shorter figure.

The length of a handbag – where the bottom hits the body – emphasizes that area of your body. Most women look good wearing bags that hang to the mid-torso. Short handbags make busts appear more prominent, so choose styles with longer straps to avert attention.  Please check our 'dressing for your body type' guides for each body silhouette to find out which handbag style fits you the best.

How to match them with your clothes or shoes?

Matching the colour of the handbag to your outfit and shoes is an ideal way to have a fashionable style. You can choose to match your bag with the dominant colours of your outfit, or you can always go with neutral colours to harmonize it with any colour of your outfit. On the other hand, matching your shoes and handbag perfectly to each other is an old concept. You can find creative ways to make bags and shoes feel cohesive in an overall ensemble without following hard-and-fast rules. You can always use statement pieces in seasonal colours to add an extra pop to your outfit.

Which style?

Handbag styles are differentiated according to every occasion, place and season. Smaller bags are great for parties and travel days, while larger and tote bags are handy for work and errands. A bucket bag shape is excellent for holding things when you don't need to be organized, while a cross-body bag is handy when you need to have your hands free. A small clutch is all you need for formal events, weddings and parties. Tote, Shoppers or Satchel is usually the centrepiece bag of most women's lives, especially for those living in the city who need to carry a little extra. Traditionally clutch bags are a subset of the evening bag. However, they have become increasingly popular to use with casual outfits. The evening bag may be combined with a very thin or delicate strap to be worn lightly over the shoulder.


Types of Handbags

Wristlet bags


Wallet or clutch that has a loop-shaped wristlet strap designed to be worn around your wrist. Can be used for evening or casual occasions depending on the style.

Minaudiere bags


Hard case, metallic finished small bag with an oblong shape and may have compartments inside. Some of them have embellishments such as beads and crystals. It’s an evening bag, small enough to be held in hand.

Kiss Lock handbags

Envelope Clutch

Type of clutch that has a triangular flap top which resembles an envelope. Mainly used for evening occasions.

Clutch bags


Small, mostly rectangular bag without a handle, designed to be held in hand. They have lots of variety in colours, styles, and embellishments. It’s intended to be used as an evening bag, but larger sizes are available for daily use.



A type of belt bag with no definition between the belt and the bag is called a fanny pack. These types of bags are popular for their hands-free nature since there is no strap to be held. That’s why fanny packs are often used by travellers while trekking or hiking.

Envelope Clutches


A small bag is usually closed with a drawstring and used especially for carrying loose items in one's pocket.


Camera Bag

It's a petite and rectangular bag with a crossbody strap, top zipper and side gussets that maintain a consistent width from top to bottom. Because of its lightweight structure and zippered closure, it always holds more than you'd expect. The crossbody strap keeps everything easy and hands-free which makes it the most useful of the widely available bag styles.

Envelope Clutches

Kiss Lock

A rigid, vintage-style bag with a metal part supports the textile or leather part, it closes with a kissing lock which is two interlocking metal beads set on the top of the frame. Mainly used for evening occasions.

Fold Over bags

Fold Over

The top of the bag folds over onto itself like a flap, it can be expanded at will with long straps. Can be worn with casual or sporty outfits.

Cross Body, Sling handbags

Cross Body

Has an extra-long strap looping it over one shoulder and diagonally across the body. They are very practical for casual daily use and have different variations of colours, materials, and styles.

Flap front handbags


Has folding flap closure placed on the front of the bag. Its classic, timeless and practical for daily use has different variations of colours, materials and styles.

Baguette handbags


Classic, small, narrow, rectangular shape handbag with a short strap which resembles a French bread. You can pair with smart casual and smart casual outfits with eclectic styles.

Saddle handbags


Medium size, rounded bottom, top flap, horseshoe-shaped, equestrian style leather bag with shoulder strap, originally used as a pouch that would hang from either side of a saddle on a horse. Can be worn with casual outfits with everyday use.

Bucket handbags

Top Handle

Rectangle, small size bag with one handle on the top.

Bucket handbags


Originally used for carrying books, the flat bottom and the back extend to form a flap that folds over to cover the top and fastens in the front. Has additional long straps diagonally across the body with the bag hanging on the opposite hip. It is evolved with double straps and top closure.

Frame handbags


A medium-sized bag that features a firm bottom and stiffer sides allowing it to stand upright. Its trapezoidal shape is somewhat unique and provides straight lines to provide for both business and casual wear.

Doctor handbags


A flat bottomed, leather handbag with rounded sides, slightly elongated, featuring a top handle, could be opened from the top, resembles a medical bag. Can be worn with formal and semi-formal outfits.

Box handbags


Characterized by a box shape with or without a handle on the top, is a versatile piece that can be worn cross-body or as a shoulder bag or clutch. It's classic, and elegant and comes in a variety of colours, prints and textures. Can be worn with formal and evening outfits.

Micro handbags


The smaller size of original bags can be used for statement bags, they have different colours and prints, and can be paired with casual or dressy outfits.

Quilted handbags


Originated from bikers and couriers, a large and horizontal cross-body bag with a long adjustable shoulder strap and flap cover, is made of waterproof canvas or leather. Can be worn with casual and sporty outfits.

Trapeze handbags


A handbag or purse with at least one strap attached to it that is long enough to fit over the shoulder. The straps generally are securely reinforced on the bag. The strap is intended to be looped over the shoulder so that the shoulder sustains the bag and the user can carry it hands-free.

Trapeze handbags


Characterized by two flared guests t either side of the bag and flap style front closure. Can be worn with both formal and casual outfits.

Fringe handbags


Features leather or suede that dangles off the bag and sways with your every movement. A fun and playful bag capture the bohemian spirit of the 70s era even today. Can be worn with casual outfits.

Hobo handbags


Have Originally designed for carrying drinking water and has a circular shape and long strap to cross over the body. They create a sophisticated and bohemian appearance and are used for daily life with casual and smart casual outfits.

Fringe handbags


Shaped like a bucket with flat oval bottom and an open top with a drawstring closure, have a shoulder strap or handles, and a variety of colours and sizes. They are roomy, functional, and practical for business and casual use, especially with a Bohemian look.

Hobo handbags


Large, unstructured, slouchy style bags with a main compartment closure, made of soft and flexible material, long, flat strap and scooped center designed to wear over the shoulder. Can be worn with daily casual outfits.

Quilted Sling handbags

Quilted Sling 

Cross-body handbag with flap closure, often made from quilted fabric or a decorative topstitched pattern and chain strap. It was popularized in the 1950s by Coco Chanel.

Messenger handbags


Has a top-stitched pattern like a quilt. They are iconic, chic, timeless and practical, and can be used in both formal and casual outfits.

Tote handbags


The large, spacious, usually unfastened leather bag has an open or zippered top compartment with double handles. It’s a practical, classic everyday bag that can be worn with any style of outfit.

Shoppers handbags


Rectangular or trapezoid , lightweight bag without any fastening, made of canvas, jute, heavy nylon or synthetics. Used for shopping and daily casual occasions.

Laptop handbags


Large bags with padding and used to carry laptops, have other compartments to keep laptop accessories, books or other things, with a separate padded compartment just for the laptop.

Kelly handbags

Kelly bag /  Top handle bag

Trapezoidal or square-shaped handbag with a handle and a detachable strap, allowing for the bag to be carried by hand or on the shoulder, often has a metal clasp or embellishment in the front, mostly used for formal attire.

Backpack Purse

Backpack Purse

Small, stylish and chic backpack for more formal use.

Draw String bags

Draw String

Closed by a drawstring or drawcord, lightweight, made of canvas, nylon, and leather, and popular due to its simplicity.

Bowling bags


Originally designed for carrying bowling balls, medium to large size, semi-circle shape with top handles and worn around the body. Used for casual wear primarily.

Weekender bags


Large, rectangular handbag with top handles and a thick strap, often made of a durable material like leather or canvas, used for storing overnight clothing and toiletries for a weekend getaway.

Barrel handbags


A cylinder shape resembling a barrel fastens using pull strings or a zipper at the top, has a thick shoulder-length strap and is made of canvas or leather. 

Duffel bags


A cylindrical bag made of smooth material with a zipper closure at the top. Its open structure and lack of rigidity make it adaptable to carrying sports gear and similar bulky objects.

Sling bags


Single-strapped backpack meant to be carried on one shoulder. Can be used for sporty and casual outfits and offers a great feminizing touch of elegance.



Bags that lies across the back and are carried over the shoulders with the help of two thick straps. Designed for outdoor activities and useful for carrying heavy items.

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