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Gray checked blazer
Beige checked jacket
Sport shirt with check pattern
Sport shirt with check pattern

Types of Checks

Madras Check Pattern


Uneven checks are formed by bands of vibrant colours with varying thicknesses crossing each other.

Pin Check Pattern


One or two yarns thick pin-sized stripes crossing each other to form small checks which look like dots from a distance.

Plaid Check Pattern


Colourful stripes with different widths crisscross each other to form symmetrically placed checks. The pattern of the vertical stripe does not necessarily have to match the pattern of the horizontal stripe.

Tartan Check Pattern


Similar to Plaid. The pattern of the stripes running vertically is duplicated EXACTLY on the horizontal axis. Where the different colours overlap, new colours are created.

Dupplin Check Pattern


Formed by a combination of simple checks, usually dog’s tooth and windowpane checks.

Gingham Check Pattern


Regular bright coloured checks are made by overlapping stripes of the colour of the same width combined with white thread.

Glen, Prince of wales Pattern

Glen/Prince of wales

A combination of large and small checks creates a pattern of irregular checks.

Graph Check Pattern


Evenly shaped checks formed by thin bands of a single colour on white background look just like a graph paper.

Shepherd Check Pattern


Similar to gingham checks, small, even-sized checks of two colours which are usually black and white.

Tattersall Check Pattern


Regularly spaced, small checks made on white background by thin, evenly coloured bands.

Gun Club Check Pattern

Gun Club

Alternating bands in two or more colours intersect on a light background creating checks.

Windowpane Check Pattern


Thin, light-coloured bands form checks on a contrasting solid-coloured background which resemble window panes.

Harlequin Pattern


Repeating pattern of contracting diamonds. There is a tiny dot where the diamonds meet.

Mini Check Pattern


Small even-sized checks on a solid colour sized between the Pin check and the Gingham check.

Argyle Pattern


Diagonally arranged diamond or lozenges shapes consist of two to three different colours. Mostly used on knitted fabrics.

Buffalo Check Pattern


Big squares are formed by the intersection of two different coloured yarns, usually red and black.

Checkerboard Pattern


Equal sized checks of two different colours as you see on the checkerboard game-board.

Dog’s tooth, Hound’s tooth Pattern

Dog’s tooth/ Hound’s tooth

Formed by broken or uneven checks or abstract four-pointed shapes that resemble a dog’s tooth.

How to Wear Checks

Gray overcoat with check pattern
Red midi skirt with plaid pattern
Red sport jacket with plaid pattern
Yellow button up crop top with check pattern

There are huge variations of checks available with various widths, colours and spacings. It’s a look that you can wear from work through to the weekend and beyond. There are some easy and most effective examples of how to wear checks:

With strong checks, keep the rest of your attire muted and clean while with less obvious checks in grey and light brown cloths, a bold pair can make a big statement.

When pairing checks, stick to the same colour family for each piece for a statement that isn’t too loud. 

Adding a pop-up colour to your check combination makes the pattern more visible and injects some colour to an otherwise neutral ensemble.

The simplest and most effective way to wear a check is to go bold with a statement coat or piece of outerwear. Beautifully tailored Prince of Wales check, single or double-breasted coat is flattering, warm and completely on-trend. Style it out with ankle boots and jeans for a relaxed look or pencil skirts, shirts and heels for a formal look.

A checked sport coat is a key item to having a well-stocked closet. They pair beautifully with solid trousers, cotton chinos, or denim.

Check pattern blazer with striped shirt
Beige plaid trouser with neutral colour knitted top
Red check shirt with jean short
Checked sport button up shirt

Pair your check trousers with a secondary colour from the check and use that with block-colour knitwear or a shirt on your upper half for a harmonious look. If trousers aren’t your thing, opt for checked midi skirts. It’ll give the simplest of jumpers a ladylike spin, you can combine them with a pair of ankle boots. 

A checked suit makes for an incredibly bold look.
You can complete them with solid colour overcoats or accessories with the same tonal of your check pattern.

Checked shirts have been around for generations and they are one of the easiest ways to put some pattern into your life. Wear them with faded jeans and/or a T-shirt for a retro-inspired look.

A check blazer, which can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. If there are other colours in the blazer, pick one of those out for your trouser colour. Style a checked blazer with a pair of flare-legged or boyfriend jeans for a timeless casual look.

When it comes to all an all-over print, like wearing a check shift dress, pair them with a little denim jacket and stylish black sock boots or cowboy boots.

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