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Content Guidelines for Accepting Sponsored Posts and Guest Posts


  1. All posts must be relevant to our audience and align with our website's values and niche.
  2. We accept posts only from certain categories, which are Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle. All posts are placed in our Mystylebox Blog section at
  3. All sponsored posts must be clearly labeled as sponsored content to avoid confusion with our regular editorial content.
  4. The content of the posts must be original, unique, and not published elsewhere. Please do not submit articles already published on other websites. Avoid copying and submitting someone else's article or sending your own article published on any other site.
  5. We will periodically review posts after the publication of the articles to find duplication or plagiarism. If we find the article is copied or published on another site, we will delete the content immediately.
  6. Ensure that you provide high-quality content that adds value to our audience and meets our editorial standards.
  7. Include at least one relevant image to be used as the featured image for your post. Do not use images from other websites. Your image should not violate copyright law and should either be original or legally acquired through proper channels.
  8. Submit the article in a Word document along with images and videos separately sent through email to
  9. Once the article is submitted, we will review it and let you know about its publishing status. During this review period, please refrain from submitting the same article to other sites.
  10. If your article is approved, it will be published under the relevant category with your name as the author (if provided).
  11. We reserve the right to reject any posts that does not meet our editorial standards or violates our guidelines.
  12. If the article is rejected, we will confirm the status and never use the content of the article.
  13. Please note that we reserve the right to modify and format your article to make it suitable for our site (headlines, font, colors, etc.). If necessary, we reserve complete rights to modify the content of the article at any point in time with the verbal or written confirmation of the author.

Backlinks Guidelines for Accepting Guest Posts:

  1. We allow a maximum of two links per post, and they must be relevant and of high quality.
  2. The purpose of accepting posts on this site is to provide a platform for customers to explore high-quality content, not for the purpose of backlinking.
  3. Any article submitted with irrelevant links pointing to unknown sites will be rejected without further review.
  4. All links on the guest post will be labeled as “guest posts” and will have a “nofollow” link tag to ensure the article focuses on the subject instead of backlinking. For sponsored posts, we will use the “sponsored” link attribute to inform search engines that the links are paid for promotional purposes.

Guidelines for Links Not Acceptable:

  1. Links related to essay writing and assignment submission are not acceptable.
  2. Quick rich schemes and make money online links are not acceptable.
  3. Pornographic, adult, and vulgar material are not acceptable.
  4. Gambling, casino, betting, etc., are not acceptable.
  5. Educational and link-building links are not acceptable.

Author Bio Guidelines:

  1. Please provide your name, social profile, and a few lines describing what you are doing. Be truthful and mention it clearly. We will add an author bio for guest articles and connect your social profiles. 
  2. Please note that for guest posts, we only accept articles from independent authors. For sponsored posts, we may accept articles from site owners that submit modified content with a link back to their or a third-party site as long as they align with these guidelines.