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Stripe pattern
Polka dots pattern
Check pattern


The density of the pattern means the amount of coverage versus negative space. It ranges from low to high depending on the negative space between the elements.

Low Density Pattern


Medium Density Pattern


High Density Pattern



The scale of the pattern defines the size of the pattern. The smaller the pattern, the easier it is to wear. Generally, larger patterns are recommended for taller individuals, or they can be placed in the areas where you might need volume.

Small Scale Pattern


Medium Scale Pattern


Large Scale Pattern



The contrast is a result of combining dark and light colours or colours that are far away on the colour wheel. The greater the difference between the colours, the high is the value of contrast in that pattern. Low contrast patterns and prints are easier to wear and mix rather than high contrast ones. Strong contrast makes the area appear larger. If you naturally have high contrast in your features, then you can use higher contrast patterns and prints.

Low Contrast Pattern


Medium Contrast Pattern


High Contrast Pattern



The order/layout of the pattern determines if the pattern is orderly arranged/structured or loosely/randomly across the garment.

Ordered Layout Pattern


Semi-Ordered Layout Pattern


Random Layout Pattern



Saturation defines the intensity or purity of the colours used in that pattern. The scale is between muted/soft and bright/clear.

Bright Contrast Pattern


Medium Contrast Pattern


Muted Pattern



All-over patterns have no negative space; the entire garment is covered with patterns such as plaids, stripes, dots, and checks.


All Over Pattern



Often the terms PATTERN and PRINT are used incorrectly but they are not the same. Printed patterns are very different from woven patterns.
A PATTERN is any repeated design, such as a floral, geometric, medallion, etc. It can be woven into a fabric or printed on top.
A PRINT is a pattern, however, it is not woven into the fabric but applied to the top with dye by various methods such as digital printing or screen printing.
Try flipping the fabric over to the backside, if you can no longer see the pattern, it is probably a print. When in doubt, refer to fabrics with a design as a pattern, because ALL prints are patterns, but not all patterns are prints!.

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How to Mix Patterns and Prints


There are different ways to use patterns and prints in your combinations. If you are not a big fan of using them, you can add some accessories with patterns to start with, or you can choose one low-density, small-scale classic pattern for your top. You can always combine printed garments with plain, neutral colour fabrics. If you'd like to wear more than one printed item in your combination, then there are some basic rules to mix and match different patterns and prints.

Animal print handbag

Simple Start..

Black and white polka dot shirt


Check pattern black and white suit


Watercolour and floral pattern mix with denim jacket



Pattern mixing seems like that scary realm that only fashion bloggers, celebrities, and models can enter. But wearing only solid colours is easy, the hard but the fun part is throwing more colours into your outfit by using and mixing patterns. To give you a better idea of where to start, check out these patterns mixing combinations guidelines:

Floral top and stripe bottom pattern mix
Floral top and stripe bottom pattern mix

Match the colours first
If the colours look good together, more often the prints will look good together too.

Peacock Animal Print
Peacock Animal Print

Dominant Colour

You can choose two different prints that share at least one dominant colour.

Neutral Fabric Print

Two Neutrals

Pair two neutral colour prints. That combination style is a good alternative if you prefer a  calmer look.

Polka Dots Pattern
Polka Dots Pattern


If you want to use the same pattern, you can invert the colours.

Trefoil Floral Pattern
Neutral Floral Print

Bright and Neutral

Pair bright prints with neutral colour prints.

Pelican Fabric Print
Pelican Fabric Print

Opposite Colours 

Pair the same print with a different colour. For bold combinations, choose the ones that contrast each other.

Navy Floral Fabric Print
Pink Neutral Fabric Pattern

Dominant and Accent

Choose one print to dominate and one as an accent.

Mix same prints; different scales

High Density Botanical Print
Medium Density Botanical Print

Different Density

Use two different density types of the same pattern.

Large Scale Fabric Print
Medium Scale Fabric Print

Different Scale

Use the same pattern with different scales, like large on the top and small on the bottom.

Simpler graphic prints are easier to mix

Medium Density Floral Print
Tartan Check Pattern


The easy way to pair plaids is to combine opposites. A large, simple plaid looks perfect when paired with a smaller, busier, more colourful plaid. Or you can pair it with other patterns as you like.

Leopard Animal Print
Black and White Stripes


Stripes, especially black and white stripes, go with everything. They're so simple, they're pretty much the neutral of prints.

Black and White Geometric Print
Dog’s tooth, Hound’s tooth Pattern

Go Graphics

Graphic prints go great with each other and with more complex or organic prints like floral or animal prints.

Large Polka Dots Print
Pin Polka Dots Print

Polka Dots

Mixing a polka dot print with another contrasting one with larger or smaller dots is very popular in pattern mixing. Try a larger polka dot on top and pair it with a small polka dot print skirt on the bottom.

Distribute them nicely

* Try distributing your prints more evenly by doing one on the top and one on the bottom, that way your outfit would be less busy

* Spread your prints out across your outfit

* Break up the look with solids. If print-on-print-on-print is too much for you, you can layer in some solid-coloured clothes and accessories like belts to calm things down and ground your look