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Personal Colour Analysis Service - Mystylebox

Virtual Colour Analysis Service

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What is Virtual Colour Analysis?

Our Virtual Colour Analysis Service showcases your Personal Colour Analysis and your digital colour palette as a result.

This is a simple, quick and affordable process where we can identify your best colours according to the pictures you will send us.

Once we receive your photos, we will analyze your natural colouring and compare with our colour palettes to determine your best match.

This process takes approximately 3-5 working days once we confirm your pictures and you will receive your suggested seasonal colour palette via email.

How this works

Step 1 - Please make an order.

Step 2 - Take 4-5 high resolution close-up (head-shot) photos of your face and email to

Add one more picture of your one eye in order for us to determinate your eye pattern. Please ensure the picture of your eye pattern is clear and has very little to no glare on it before sending.

If possible, send us couple of your pictures when you are around the age of twenty.

Please indicate your order number in your email and send your pictures as attachments, not embedded. (we keep our correspondence but delete your attached pictures within two weeks of your virtual colour analysis due to our privacy rules.) 

Step 3 - We will check and confirm your photos. We will begin working on them once they are accurate. We advise you to review all photos before sending to ensure they accurately represent your true in-person colouring in natural daylight before sending.

Step 4 - You will receive an email with your suggested seasonal colour palette in 3-5 working days.

We take your privacy very seriously and have implemented physical, technical and organizational security measures with a view to protecting your personal information from unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification.

Your personal information and your photos are only used for Virtual Colour Analysis or Personal Styling Consultation Services. All photos received are kept confidential and deleted from our email system and any associated folders, only your personalized report, which may include your photo(s) is saved in our files. 

Photo specifications

In order to have most accurate results, please follow our guideline below while you are submitting your pictures:

1 - Submit high resolution (jpeg or png format), clear photos while your face and neck facing the camera (with no glasses or head bands)

2 - Do not wear any make up and tie your hair back (If you colored your hair, please let us know your natural hair colour when you send your photos)

3 - Wear solid white colour top and make sure your neck is open

4 - Take them in front of a white and clear background

5 - Take them in natural day light , next to the window (no shadowing on your face or no direct sunlight)

Online Personal Colour Analysis Service
Online Personal Colour Analysis Service

Disclaimer : Please note that this is a virtual analysis, informational purposes only and is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. This is not as accurate as one to one / in person colour analysis.