Romantic Fashion Personality


Romantic Fashion Personality

Physical Characteristics :  You have an average height and an Endomorphic (full) body. You have a voluptuously curved hourglass silhouette with a full bust. Your face is round or heart-shaped. Your features are rounded and full, particularly your cheeks and lips. Your eyes are large, and your eyelashes are long and curly. You have thick, long, and curly hair. 

Values : Loving, relationships with a life partner, family and friends are most important to you. You appreciate using all your senses –extravagant beauty, expensive fragrance, fine dining, beautiful sounds, and luxurious pampering.

Fashion Style : Your fashion is sexy, elaborate, flowing, and body-conscious. Your best look is evening wear. Ultimate celebration of everything girly, curvy, pinky or pastel tones.

Clothing: You'd like to keep your silhouette fitted with shaping lines and fabrics that mould to your body.

You prefer dresses, and they suit ‘fit and flare’ as it hugs the body and flare over the hips. Twirling skirts and silk blouses are also your favourites. Your trousers are draping and soft with wider legs.

You like small, feminine details like bows, ruffles, pleats, frills, sequins, and laces. Lingerie is important to you – it needs to be sexy and silky with a lot of draping.

You are good in lower necklines, like V-neck, scoop, and sweetheart. You like soft and touchable flowing garments such as satin, silk, velvet, cashmere, and fur.

Accessories: Romantic women love high heels and soft colours. Your bags are soft with rounded edges and cute designs. You could wear large, glamorous hats and sunglasses. Your jewelry can be delicate, elaborate, glittering and plentiful. They have feminine shapes like hearts and flowers. 

Patterns and Prints: Your best patterns are small, curvy, delicate patterns, and undulating patterns such as florals and paisley – avoid plaids, checks and stripes.

Colours: Your colour palette consists of soft, pastel and feminine colours such as soft and dusty pinks, soft blues, orchid and lavender.

Romantic Fashion Personality Colour Palette

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