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Floral printed midi fit and flare dress
Floral printed bodycon dress
Paisley printed A line dress
Floral printed midi sun dress

Types of Floral Prints

Art Nouveau Floral Pattern

Art Nouveau

Emerged in the 19th century, has rhythmic curves and harmonic repetitions.

Paisley Floral Pattern


The curved teardrop shape originated from Kashmir and is named after a town in Scotland.

Abstract Floral Pattern


Combination of lines, shapes and colours that represents a floral scene.

Quatrefoil Floral Pattern


The symmetrical shape created by overlapping four circles resembles a cloverleaf.

Botanical Floral Pattern


Plants, leaves and flowers are drawn realistically based on botanical illustrations.

Retro Floral Pattern


Flowers are drawn with muted tones and saturated colours in geometric style.

Calico Floral Pattern


Small scale, dense, all-over flower shapes in bright colours, originated from India.

Toule de Jouy Floral Pattern

Toule de Jouy

The scenic, pastoral, or floral theme of the French countryside, is mostly one colour prints on white background.

Damask Floral Pattern


An ornamental design with one or two colours with a repetitive pattern of abstract flowers.

Vintage Floral Pattern


Decorative, detailed, mostly oil painted, loosely arranged flowers in feminine colours.

Ditsy Floral Pattern


High-density pattern with very small-scaled flowers.

Western Floral Pattern


Mostly seen on men's attire or carved in leather or metal.

Fleur de Lis Floral Pattern

Fleur de Lis

Stylish lily flower in an abstract and repetitive way originated from France.

Wreath Floral Pattern


Ring-shaped intertwined garlands of flowers or leaves.

Chinoiserie Floral Pattern


Similar to toile, this features Asian-inspired motifs of people and environment.

Jacobean Floral Pattern


17th-century British design with branches ornamented in colour with fruits, flowers, and/or birds, commonly used for upholstery or window treatments.

Trefoil Floral Pattern


Consist of stylized three petal flowers or leaves with three leaflets.

Suzani Floral Pattern


A traditional Middle Eastern pattern, large-scale design with sun and moon disk (medallion), floral, and vine motifs, popular for bedding and window treatments.

Arabesque Floral Pattern


The elaborate ornamental design of intertwined floral or geometric motifs originated from Islamic art.

Baroque Floral Pattern


Emerging in the 17th century, stylish floral design in high contrast arrangement.

Acanthus Floral Pattern


Resemble leaves from the Mediterranean species. Most common plant forms to make foliage ornament and decoration.

Liberty Floral Pattern


All over, stylish, small flower design named by a retail store in London called Liberty & Co.

Anthemion Floral Pattern


Based on a stylized honeysuckle plant of fan-shaped palm leaf design originated from Ancient Greece.

Mandala Floral Pattern


Originated from Central Asia, consists of different size and colour motifs that resemble flowers.

How to Wear Floral Prints

Floral printed white shift dress
Floral printed fit and flare dress
Large floral printed pant and jacket suit
Floral printed long sleeve shirt
Small floral printed off shoulder blouse
Large floral printed deep v neck black dress
Floral printed off shoulder pastel midi dress
Floral printed strapless romper

You can find a floral pattern in just about every article of clothing. They are romantic and feminine and whether you love them or hate them depends on your fashion personality. Floral is such a versatile pattern, there are many ways to make it work for your style, they can make you feel sweet and feminine, but you can also style them to be edgy and tough. 

We’re used to seeing florals in the spring and summer, but they became popular in Autumn in Winter as well. Here are some tips on how to look modern in floral prints:

Small, soft, pastel wildflowers are suitable for summer, but larger scale, bright, less dense, exotic blooms are for more cold weather. Also, look out for more substantial, more luxurious fabrics that look gorgeous in a floral print for fall or winter clothing.

A tiny floral pattern can be a great way to wear floral in a more subtle way, they are softer and more delicate. On the other hand, wearing a bold, large floral print makes a statement and always looks sophisticated. A high contrast mix and oversized blooms create a more dramatic, edgy look.

Floral printed white maxi dress
Floral printed maxi skirt
Big scale floral printed midi dress
Floral printed pastel maxi dress

Think about your body figure as always when you consider any printed outfit because they are the focal point of your combination. So, if you have a fuller bust and a regular bottom, avoid wearing a busy floral top, you can wear floral jeans instead. On the other hand, if you are tiny up top and fuller on the bottom, wear a flowery fall top and combine it with a dark solid colour bottom.

Consider bringing floral into your outfit by the way of accessories. This is an easy way to add some floral patterns to your day without a full commitment. It quickly adds a fun, feminine, and playful touch to any outfit.

Choose accessories that complement one of the other colours in the print to balance the look. Avoid adding more colours and textures to your overall look.

A simple way to make sure your floral isn’t too much and overpower you is to break it up with a jacket, vest, or cardigan. It also gives the look structure and shape.

There are many floral dresses in all kinds of silhouettes from casual to formal, some of them also create a boho vibe. Avoid going big on accessories with floral dresses. Complete with a pair of sandals and denim jackets. Or you can pair them with knee-high boots, a cozy oversized cardigan and the classic trench coat in colder weather.

If you are feeling romantic, try incorporating floral print into the bottom half of your outfits such as printed flares or mini/maxi skirts for a 1970s feel, you can add a sun hat to complete the look. Maxi floral skirts are all seasonal popular items, throw on a bold, oversized knit jumper with a pleated floral skirt for colder seasons.

Paisley print T dress
Paisley print dress
Paisley print dress
Paisley print top

How to wear Paisley?

Paisley pattern has been captivated by designers across the globe since the 70s. Since paisley is such a busy print, those women who are on the conservative side can pair any type of paisley print with a solid neutral colour piece and only with complementing accessories to avoid looking flashy.

Paisley tea dresses are less bohemian, and they add some flair to your look. You have the option to achieve the modern boho look by going for a paisley print maxi dress. You can pair them with wedge heels or clogs and statement earrings.

Another great way to wear paisley is to pair it with a solid colour, preferably neutral to channel some modern bohemian vibe. For best results, you can replicate one of the colours found in your paisley print.

A pair of paisley flared, or wide-leg pants create a bold bohemian statement, on the contrary, a modern statement can be achieved by going for a pair of paisley leggings in non-earthy shades and pairing it with a bright coloured top and stilettos.

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