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Find jeans that balance out your proportions and flatter your body type! 


Jeans should aim to play down the wider hips .

CUT: Relaxed-fit; boot-cut, straight-cut or flared jeans balance the hips and keep your legs in proportion. Flared jeans run long, look for the inseam that’s right for you, and then choose your heel height accordingly. 

RISE: Mid to high-rise jeans as these will compliment your slim waist. A tapered-leg or mom-style jeans will show off your figure while simultaneously balancing it out.

DETAILS: Simple style, no details.

COLOUR: Dark colour jeans work better.

AVOID: Body-conscious skinny jeans or details like big pockets, embellishments or distressed denim that draw attention to your lower body.


Jeans should be balanced with the upper part of your outfit and accentuate your body silhouette.

CUT: Skinnies are always your best friend as they show off your figure beautifully. Figure-friendly bootcut, straight-leg, slightly flared or tapered jeans also work well. 

RISE: High-rise jeans will compliment your figure the most. Choose mid or high-rise jeans with wide waistbands to elongate your legs.

DETAILS: Simple and clean styles, medium-size back pockets. 

COLOUR: Medium or light blue jeans.

AVOID: Low-rise jeans that make your hips look wider and legs shorter. Big or too small back pockets.


Jeans should not add extra weight to the midsection but gently camouflage it.

CUT: Bootcut, flared, or wide-leg styles balance the wider torso area. A straight-leg style will also add balance to your figure without being too baggy.

RISE: To avoid looking top-heavy, choose low or mid-rise, preferably with a wide waistband that sits flat on the tummy area.

DETAILS: Flat front- jeans to have more structure around the mid-section, simple and clean lines with no details.

COLOUR: Dark blue jeans or black jeans.

AVOID: Skinny jeans will accentuate your slim legs and make your upper body look larger. High-waisted jeans would highlight your tummy. Also, steer clear of bright or light colours and any attention-grabbing embellishments.


Jeans should add shape and soften your squarish body frame.

CUT: Straight or boot-cut jeans that flare slightly at the bottom add the right volume and curve to your lower half.

RISE: Low or mid-rise is recommended since high-waisted jeans highlight the waist area.

DETAILS: Embellishments around the hip and bottom area, such as back pockets, add fullness to your bottom and curves to the silhouette.

COLOUR: Medium wash.

AVOID: Skinny jeans or jeans that flare too wide as they unbalance your body shape.


Jeans should add dimension to the bottom and hips to make the shoulders look narrower.

CUT: Any style flaring from the knee, such as bootcut, wide-leg, boyfriend style or baggy jeans to give the illusion of shape.

RISE: Mid or high rise recommended to accentuate the hips.

DETAILS: Details around the hip, bottom and thigh areas, such as pockets, rips, distress, embellishments, various washes etc., to draw attention downward.

COLOUR: Light colours; opt for lighter colours than your top to draw attention to your lower body.

AVOID: Skinny jeans, simple styles, dark colours

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