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Zebra pattern blouse
Leopard pattern vintage swimsuit
Animal print hat and crop top
Animal print shirt and hat

Types of Animal Prints

Leopard Pattern


Horse shoe shapes with thick-edged circles on a light background.

Zebra Pattern


Irregular, long, wavy black stripes with different thicknesses on white background.

Giraffe Pattern


Rectangular uneven shapes on a light background.

Cheetah Pattern


Thick solid black spots on a lighter background.

Peacock Pattern


Consist of colourful peacock feathers.

Cow Pattern


Irregular black rectangles on white background.

Tiger Pattern


Long, wavy, irregular stripes on a lighter background.

Snake Pattern


A pattern that resembles the skin of the snake. Commonly used on accessories.

Jaguar Pattern


Rosette spots thick-edged circles with black dots in the middle on a light background.

Crocodile Pattern


Irregular small squares aligned in a graph mode.

Hyena Pattern


Irregular roundish shapes on a tan background.

Tortoise Shell Pattern

Tortoise Shell

Dark brown spots on yellow background. Commonly used for accessories, especially sunglasses.

How to Wear Animal Prints

As far as prints go, animal prints are pretty sexy and they were never out of fashion. Managing to stay on the right side of animal print style is a mark of true sophistication.

You have an option to keep it casual or dressy. It mostly depends on how to pair them.  There are some ways to add animal printed outfits to your wardrobe:

Begin with small portions, such as accessories, wear it in the form of a narrow belt to subtly draw attention to your waist, or on sunglasses or a scarf to draw the eye up toward your face or a classy handbag. They can even elevate your look from casual to classy especially when you use them with your monochrome outfits.

It’s important to combine these bold patterns carefully with other items to achieve a sophisticated look. Choose only one or two animal print garments and accessories per look to keep the balance.

Leopard-printed flats
are great for dressing up basics like black pants and white collared shirts. You can use animal printed high heels with your dressy outfits which would create a dramatic sexy appearance.

Recognize your body’s proportions and figure out what you like to play up best, avoid wearing animal prints on any areas that you would prefer not to draw attention to. If you’re on the shorter side, lean towards garments with smaller graphics like leopard print, and avoid larger patterns such as giraffe print.

Animal print mini skirt
Animal print pant
Animal print leggings
Animal print sweeet shirt

Always choose one animal printed clothing and match it with a solid bottom or top. Garments in neutral tones that appear in the pattern, such as black, white or beige are very versatile and easy to combine. 

Animal print cowl neck sleeveless blouse
Animal print long blazer
Animal print over coat
Animal print overcoat with denim pants

Pairing animal prints with jeans always work. Pair a leopard-print blouse with denim shorts or pants for a more casual look.

Animal print red dress
Animal print dress
Animal print dress
Animal print dress with knitted vest

If you like to wear all-over printed dresses, layer on a belt or a jacket to break up all that print and keep the look grounded with simple accessories and flats in neutral colours.

You can add a bright pop-up colour
or neon hues to your combination, but make sure not to wear more than three different colours in the same outfit. Avoid overloading on the accessories; one key scarf, bag, necklace or pair of shoes will do. 

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